Virtual dose mapping as a service

Dose Insight offers a menu of fixed-price, fixed-scope services for radiation sterilization. All you need is a CAD model to get started!

Step 1. Design CAD model of your device & packaging

CAD model of medical device for virtual dose mapping by Dose Insight

Step 2. Dose Insight produces virtual dose map

Three dimensional virtual dose map produced by Dose Insight

Step 3. Make design/process decisions based on predicted metrics such as the DUR

Predicted dose uniformity ratio from virtual dose mapping

Reduce cost and accelerate time to market by iterating on device/packaging designs without building

Our most popular services

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Evaluation of radiation sterilization for a novel device

A virtual dose map study of a single, isolated device to identify locations of min/max dose and DUR

Optimization of device orientation relative to beam

Virtual dose maps from 3 different beam directions so you can identify the orientation with the best DUR

Compare multiple design choices

Compare the virtual dose maps delivered to two different design choices, such as device designs, packaging designs, or shipping box packing configurations

Penetration study

Optimize your throughput with a systematic study of the number of shipping boxes that can be penetrated with different beam directions

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We came up with a list of off-the-shelf services that address the major questions that arise during sterilization.

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